Running Retrievers is located in Wasco, California. Wasco is only an hour from Bakersfield, and three hours from Los Angeles, CA.

BrianRunnin’ Retrievers began with Brian Clasby’s “Runnin’ with the Devil MH***,” aka Tyson. Brian, Tyson, and the rest of the retriever family relocated from the Los Angeles area to Kern County, when the California Retriever Trainers’ Association (CRTA) created their Goose Lake Property in Lost Hills, California, back in January 2004. See pictures of Runnin’ Retrievers’ Training Grounds.

FTCH AFTCH FC AFC Runnin's Molly “B”

Previously, Brian had trained, participated, and qualified his own dogs in AKC Master Hunt Tests and NAHRA Hunt Tests. He was a member of several Retriever Clubs in the Southern California area and attended numerous seminars, given by nationally recognized professional trainers, to learn how to teach basic training to gun dogs and field trial dogs. When Brian moved to Goose Lake, he and Tyson began training and competing on a full-time basis, earning Tyson’s Master Hunter title, before retiring and becoming Runnin’s number one Stud dog. Since then, Brian has been the Chief Pooper Scooper and On-site Manager here at Goose Lake, while many trained retrievers have graduated from the Runnin’ Gun Dog training program. Visit our Gun Dog Graduate page.

Retriever Field Trial News

The most achieved dog to graduate is Runnin’s Molly B. Brian brought her through his basics program and sold half-ownership to his friend, Mickey Rawlins from Canada. Mickey and Brian have competed her in AKC field trials in the United States and Canada, where she was Top Derby Dog in California of 2005, ranked third nationally here in the United States; Top Junior Dog in B.C. and ranked fourth in Canadian Junior Field Trials the same year. Mickey and Molly have earned her Canadian Amateur Field Champion title and qualified for the Canadian National Open and Amateur stakes.  Most recently, Molly became the 2013 Canadian National Amateur Retriever Champion, a feat that is the crowning achievement for Molly’s amazing Field Trial career.

Brian’s main focus now is training gun dogs that have come to Runnin’ Retrievers for basics. There have been many best buddies who have graduated the program, becoming best hunting partners to their owners in Central and Southern California. Visit the Gun Dog Training page to learn more. In addition to training these families’ dogs, Brian also raises quality Labrador pups who begin the program at seven weeks old and later graduate and join new hunting families. Learn more about the Started and Trained Dogs at Runnin’ Retrievers.

Molly B Canadian National Amateur Retriever Champion