Running Retrievers is located in Wasco, California. Wasco is only an hour from Bakersfield, and three hours from Los Angeles, CA.

It is with a heavy heart that I’m writing to tell you I had to put Sierra to sleep on Tuesday, December 8, 2009. Sierra was diagnosed with a brain tumor a few months ago and while she responded to treatment initially, it didn’t last very long, she went downhill pretty quickly, and we put her on pain killers this week. We felt that we did everything we could for her and most important was her comfort.

Sierra was such a joy to be around! She was my first Lab, the one who got me hooked on hunt tests and she basically “saved” me from the city. We moved here to Lost Hills, and she has been the official CRTA Goose Lake Greeter ever since. Sierra was a wonderful mama, helping to raise several litters, as well as a great teaching example for the many young retrievers that have been trained here.

Her smiling face and joyful personality will be missed by all who know her and train here regularly. She will be placed to rest just inside the front gate on the right side, and next time you come up to train, remember she is here and will always be here to greet you.


R.I.P. MHR FthrRnch Sierra SH



Tyson Sierra Joe BlackSierras with pups Sadie and Sara

       Tyson, Sierra and Meet Joe Black                Sierra with her pups Sadie and Sara

Sierra and TysonSierra and Tyson

Sierra with her pup Tyson

Sierra in her Final Days

Sierra in her final days